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An 18mm MDF slab door with matching edging in a range of 10 stunning Supermatt and Supergloss colours. Supermatt - White, Light Grey, Graphite, Dust Grey, Cashmere Supergloss - White, Light Grey, Graphite, Dust Grey, Cashmere.

  • Dovestone Supermatt Light Grey

  • Dovestone Supermatt Cashmere

  • Dovestone Supermatt Dust Grey

  • Dovestone Supermatt Graphite

  • Dovestone Supergloss Cashmere

  • Dovestone Supergloss Dust Grey

  • Dovestone Supergloss Graphite

  • Dovestone Supermatt White

  • Dovestone Supergloss White

  • Dovestone Supergloss Light Grey