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Made to measure units

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Choose your unit type, colours, enter the sizes you require and we’ll work out the rest.

Cut Out Costly Mistakes

Save time and money with Cutsmart.

That’s right with our advanced machining software we can produce your unit of choice to any size cutting out the hassle of preparing endless cutting lists and in turn saving you time and money.

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Quick Fix Assembly

All units come with all the fittings required for that particular type including screws, hinges, shelf studs, hanging rail, drawer runners, handles, lighting, cover caps.

All made to measure units are supplied with Cutsmart’s ‘quick fix’ assembly solution. The ‘quick fix’ assembly solution gives a strong and efficient way to assemble units and removes the requirements for cam and dowels. This solution is currently offered on all of our bedroom units.

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  • Egger

    The new Egger 2020-2022 collection includes brand new decors featuring up-to-date trends, textures, colours and woodgrains, as well as the more traditional decors. From the classic colour range, natural deep grained wood finishes, super-matt to ultra-gloss finishes, Egger has it all covered.

    This is our of choice of board which we recommend to our customers.

  • Kronospan

    Kronospan’s latest Trends 20/21 collection brings an exciting array of brand-new designs. Bringing more character to the decors with ever-more realistic textures compelling aesthetics and limitless design possibilities with various surface materials, colours and textures.

  • Xylocleaf

    XyloCleaf collection of decorative surfaces truly stands out from the rest, with 80 distinctive decors, from deep-grained wood and industrial material reproductions to real textile surfaces and iconic abstract designs embodying a true Italian design spirit.

  • Oak

    European Oak is one of the most popular wood veneers, versatile and varied in use and appearance. The colour of the heartwood varies from light brown yellow to brown, and the sapwood is a little clearer and is clearly separated. Its fibre is straight and the grain is thick. Indeed, growth rings are visible and they are very marked.

  • Ash

    Ash veneer is very decorative due to its colour and texture, and its widely used in decoration of interiors. It is a very expressive and decorative veneer that will provide a strong and unique scope every space or designs you work with. The wood colour is white pearled, that sometimes can become rosy. Its grain texture is severely striped or patterned. Its unprocessed natural colour is of a shining yellowish white.

  • Walnut

    This is a sliced veneer and is greyish to brownish-black with well-defined growth pattern. Smooth textured surface which finishes well. Like all Walnut species there is a historical allegiance and a feeling of class associated with it. Widely available in the market today and has become very popular in recent years with the Marine industry.